Gate Locking

After a period of not being locked after dark, as of 1st Nov 2016, the park gates were once again locked overnight, thanks to The Friends of West Bank Park and a Council Ward Grant. The Friends of West Bank Park were given the grant to pay Eboracum Security Ltd. to lock the gates at dusk and we organised a rota of fantastic local volunteers to unlock the gates every morning by 7.30. If you would like to join our merry band of gate unlocking volunteers, please contact us (details on the  Friends  page).


We have a dedicated band of fundraisers working to ensure we raise enough money to keep the park locked and safe at night. Read on to find out more about their fundraising appeal:

“Our trial community initiative to lock the gates at night has been a great success, keeping the park secure for a year. Help our brilliant volunteers keep going after our initial funding runs out!

We decided action was needed to keep our park a safe and beautiful environment. We recruited an enthusiastic group of volunteers to open the park gates in the mornings, and got ward committee funding so a security firm (Eboracum Security Ltd.) could close them at night (a harder job in such a big and woodsy park). For a year this trial initiative has been working brilliantly, reducing crime by over 50% and improving the condition of the park.

The reduction in vandalism has meant we could invest effort and money in the wildlife area and new pond, planting new orchards and maintaining old ones. It keeps our playgrounds in good condition, so we are now making plans to improve them too.

This year the council ward committee cannot afford the full amount. So we aim to raise £2000 (half of the cost of a year’s gate-locking) through crowdfunding – just £10 a year from 200 households would achieve this!

And crucially – every pound we get will help us attract match funding from the council or elsewhere.

So many local people have actively shown their support by getting involved in the gate opening team (and we don’t want to lose them!) – show yours by donating what you can.”

The fundraising goal for 2018 has been reached, but any donations to help keep the gates locked after this will be gratefully received. Thank you!