Friends of West Bank Park

Our aim is to help preserve, manage and develop West Bank Park for the benefit of the local community. We regularly organise and undertake practical work and public events in cooperation with the council. We are consulted by the council on developments and changes within the park.

Our main activities are:

  • Raising funds to ensure the continued locking of the park gates at night.
  • Consulting the public on the spending of the Council playground grant.
  • Practical conservation and clean up activities through Park Action volunteering sessions.
  • Raising the profile and awareness of the park by recruiting more Friends and building links with other community groups
  • Organising the Summer Fair
  • Liaison with the Council to make sire that decisions take into account local community views.

Friends Committee
The 2020/2021 Committee is:

Catherine Heinemeyer (Chair and Newsletter)

Georgie Collins (Treasurer)

Kate Smithson (Secretary)

Helen Hoult (Summer Fair Coordinator)

Helene Vergereau-Bouet (Gate Unlocking Coordinator)

Fiona Calvert (Website Coordinator)

Andreas Heinemeyer (Horticultural advisor)

Emily Paul (Little Friends of West Bank Park Coordinator)

Eleanor Fletcher and Stephen Mossman (Ecology Officers)

Conor and Paddy Heinemeyer (Children’s Representatives)

Contact us

Through Facebook

On Twitter at @westbankpark