Volunteer Groups

The park has a number of brilliant and enthusiastic volunteer groups running, which help maintain areas of the park, offer opportunites for people to get involved with the life of the park and provide time and space for people to meet and enjoy the wonderful spaces the park has to offer.
Volunteer Gardeners
There are two regular volunteers who come in weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to help look after the rose garden. They do a sterling job pruning, weeding, edging, keeping the brambles under control etc.
They also clear fallen leaves in the autumn-winter months and do many other valuable gardening jobs.
The Friends of West Bank Park
Click here for more information.
The Older Friends of West Bank Park
This group meets monthly to care for the rockery.
The Little Friends of West Bank Park
A weekly group for preschoolers. Click here for more information.
The After School Friends of West Bank Park
A group for Reception – Year 2 aged chilren. Click here for more information.
Blueberry Academy
This is a local charity that offeres adults with learning difficulties the opportunity to learn new skills. They can be seen every other Thursday working hard on lots of projects, such as: litter picking, turning compost and building bird boxes. They have done a great job replanting the two oval flower beds that can be found near the Holgate road entrance to the park and will maintain these. They have also completed repairs to the large compost bins located near the wildlife area.
Blueberry has been successful in their bid for Growing Green Spaces funding which they plan to use for the creation of a sensory garden that will run between the two bowling greens. They want to maintain this and have hopes that the day care facility next to the park will benefit from this area, as well as the wider public.  
Church of the Latter Day Saints
A group of 6-8 volunteers have started coming to the park on the first Wednesday morning of every month. They will carry out various tasks to help maintain areas of the park.
The gate locking team
The unlocking team do a fantastic job of making sure the park gates are unlocked every morning by 7.30 am for the early morning dog walkers and other park users. Click here for more information.